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(9-10 am godo during Saturday Community)

Meditation instructors:  
  Sept - Nyoze Oct - Konpo


*Friday-7:30-8:30pm Zazen/Kinhin & 8:30-9pm-Chant Kan Ro Mon “Gate of Sweet Nectar".

Sept. 5 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK John Kaian  11am Zendo

Sept. 12 Sat.    SONOMA MOUNTAIN ZEN CENTER BAZAAR:  Benefit for Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. Unwind, loosen up and join us for our Annual Bazaar on the Moun­tain! Local vendors and talented artists will be offering contemporary pottery, paintings, photographs and textile creations. Enjoy homemade cookies, pies, baked goods, sumptuous foods and refreshing drinks under the oaks. Special performances will include taiko drumming, traditional Japanese tea ceremony, shakuhachi flute, koto stringed instrument and an extraordinary demonstration of the art of Kyudo “the way of the bow.” We will be holding a raffle for a re­markable treasure: a framed original calligraphy by Jakusho Kwong-roshi. 
Don’t miss this event! Bring family, friends, kids, and neighbors!  Mark your calendars and spread the word! ADMISSION FREE! Saturday 11 - 4pm

Sept. 13-20    CLOSED TO HOST TAI CHI GROUP except for TEA WORKSHOP 9/19

Sept. 19 Sat.    TEA CEREMONY WORKSHOP  Instructors: Soei Mouri Sensei and Julie Kashin
This program provides an opportunity to study tea in the Omote Senke tradition.  Join us for Japanese sweets and tea, silent meditation, investigate Zen and the Way of Tea through conversation, relax in the peaceful temple setting of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center.  Teachers will lead participants through the basic forms of preparing and serving matcha (whisked green tea) and the various roles of a tea guest. No tea experience is necessary.  

Sept. 23 Wed.    SPECIAL GUEST DHARMA TALK Tim Zentetsu Burkett 7:30pm  Zendo Minnesota Zen Meditation Center’s Guiding Teacher, Tim Burkett, began practicing in spring 1964 with Shunryu Suzuki Roshi while attending Stanford University.
After completing his BA at Stanford, Tim attended the maiden practice period at San Francisco Zen Center's Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in 1967. In 1970, Tim and his wife, Linda moved to Minnesota, where Tim continued his sitting practice. Tim became a dharma heir of Karen Sunna in the Katagiri lineage in 2000, and succeeded Karen as abbot in 2002. He is also a licensed Ph.D. psychologist and director of an agency that supports people with mental illness.

Sept. 26 Sat.    SATURDAY KIDS COMMUNITY     10:30am-12:30pm  This program is an opportunity for Sangha members and friends to introduce their children to the Zen Center in a fun and creative way.  Supervised, age-appropriate activities introduce children to the Zen Center as a fun, safe, nurturing environment. Children can join their parents for an informal vegetarian lunch following activities. Parents are welcome to join in the fun along with their children or participate in Saturday community practice.

Sept. 26 Sat.    SANGHA POTLUCK 10:30am-1:30pm   Members as well as the public are invited to come to the Zen Center for a day of sharing Dharma and food together as a Sangha.  Please bring your favorite dish to share.  There will be a short period of zazen followed by an opportunity for new members, and anyone wishing to renew their vows, to offer incense in the Zendo. 

Oct. 1-4    BODHIDHARMA 3-DAY SESSHIN Sesshin, literally "to touch the Mind" is a period of time set aside for an intensive meditation retreat to let go of the conditioned self in order to resume our original nature.  Begins Thursday at 7:30 pm and ends Sunday at 5 pm.  10 periods of zazen daily, 2 hours work practice, 3 oryoki meals, dharma talks, interviews with Kwong-roshi.
Non-Members: $65 per day/overnight  General M: $55   Practicing M: $45

Oct 5-6    CLOSED

Oct. 10 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY DHARMA TALK Jakusho Kwong-roshi  11am Zendo

Oct. 13- Nov. 17   FALL STUDY GROUP  Every Tuesday, 7:30 - 9 pm Investigating and "turning our radiance inward" through Zen practice, we begin to discover the intimate nature of Mind.  Shinko Kwong with senior students will be lecturing and leading discussions on a book to be announced. This will be a six-week course.
Non-Members:  $65/$12 per class    General M: $60  Practicing M: $55

Oct. 17 Sat.   FALL WORKFEST  8:30am – 4pm All Sangha members, families, and friends are invited to come for a day of fun and work in the spirit of traditional "barn-raising" effort and together action.  Snacks and delicious lunch provided.






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Sonoma Mountain Zen Center
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