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(9-10 am godo during Saturday Community)

Meditation instructors:  
April - Ray Estabrook       May - Demian Nyoze


*Friday-7:30-8:30pm Zazen/Kinhin & 8:30-9pm-Chant Kan Ro Mon “Gate of Sweet Nectar".

April 19 Sat.    TRACING OUR LINEAGE: SANGHA DAY POTLUCK 10:30am-1:30pm   Members as well as the public are invited to come to the Zen Center for a day of sharing Dharma and food together as a Sangha.  Please bring your favorite dish to share.  There will be a short period of zazen followed by an opportunity for new members, and anyone wishing to renew their vows, to offer incense in the Zendo.  Come and hear the latest news of the Zen Center and the results of the Council Processes.

April 19 Sat. SATURDAY KIDS’ COMMUNITY Storytime, Nature Walk & More - Ages 4-12 10:15am-1:30pm
This program is an opportunity for Sangha members and friends to introduce their children to the Zen Center in a fun and creative way. Children can join their parents for an informal vegetarian lunch following the activities. Parents are welcome to join in the fun along with their children or participate in Saturday community practice.
Everyone will be joining the sangha for potluck lunch at 12:30.

April 26 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Neil Myers 10:30am Zendo

May 3 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Chris Katsuzen 10:30am Zendo

May 8-15   SEWING WORKSHOP This workshop explores the Self through the traditional practice of sewing called nyoho-e. Taking the backwards step with each stitch we manifest the mind-to-mind transmission of our ancestor’s going back to Shakyamuni Buddha. The sewing tradition of nyoho-e has been passed down from Kodo Sawaki-roshi’s and Eko Hashimoto’s lineage. Both teachers strongly emphasized returning to the simple ancient ways of practice. Rev. Yusho Sasaki from Aichi Senmon Niso-do Zen Training Nunnery and Rev Shohaku Yoshimatsu of Zuioji Soto Zen Training Monastery will be be staying with us as special guest teachers. Shinko Kwong and Julie Kwong who have been leading SMZC’s sewing practice for many years will also be helping to lead this workshop.
Days will begin and end with morning and evening sitting and walking meditation. Two periods of instructions from sewing teachers, and hands-on sewing will be scheduled in morning and afternoon blocks. Materials and sewing instructions will be provided along with overnight lodging and meals. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take advantage of this rare opportunity. People can participate in this workshop in various ways; come for morning zazen, sign up for morning or afternoon sewing practice throughout the week, join us for 1-7 full days, however this program fits your schedule. No sewing experience is necessary.  $60 per day

May 10 Sat.   SATURDAY COMMUNITY DHARMA TALK:  Tradition of Sewing Practice 10:30am Zendo Special guests Rev. Shohaku Yoshimatsu and Rev. Yusho Sasaki from Japan will be giving a talk on Zen and Sewing Practice.  They will present some background and history on the timeless practice of sewing.
Reverends Yoshimatsu and Sasaki have traveled a long distance to share their experience and insight with us.  Let's take advantage of this rare opportunity.
12pm - Informal public buffet lunch will follow.

Remember that the okesa is called the clothing of liberation, called the robe of a field of happiness, called the robe of endurance, called the robe without form, called the robe of compassion, called the robe of the Tathagata and called the robe of Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi.  We must receive and retain it as such - Dogen's Shobogenzo

May 16. Fri.    CLOSED

May 17 Sat.   SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK David Koten  10:30am  Zendo   

May. 18-26    HOSTING SHAMBHALA WEEKTHUN  Closed to public
Contact Shambhala for more info and registration.

May 27-28    CLOSED

May 31 Sat.  SATURDAY COMMUNITY DHARMA TALK Shinko Kwong  10:30am  Zendo

June 5-8    "NO BEGINNING, NO END" SESSHIN Sesshin, literally “to touch the Mind,” is a period of time set aside for an intensive meditation retreat to let go of the conditioned self and resume our original nature. This Sesshin is a 3 day practice period that will allow us to dive into the core of Zen training. A silent meditation intensive for experienced sitters to still the mind from moment to moment manifesting the realization of the Way. It includes a rigorous schedule that begins at 4:45 a.m. with prostrations and includes 10 periods of meditation, chanting, mindful work, Dharma talks, private interviews. and end at 9 pm. Retreat begins Thursday at 7:30 p.m., and ends Sunday, June 8, at 5 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for those unable to come for the entire retreat due to work commitments.
Non-members $60/day General $50/day Practicing $40/day

June 9-10       CLOSED

June 14 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Julie Kashin Kwong 10:30am  Zendo

June 21 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Marian O’Neill  10:30am  Zendo

June 21 Sat.    INTRODUCTION TO ZEN WORKSHOP 9-3pm.   An introduction to Zen teachings, Zendo form, rituals, instruction on zazen, and also main concepts as basic foundation for Zen practice.  For beginners and intermediate people who would like to gain more insight into the philosophy of Zen and how to actualize those principles in everyday life.  Includes vegetarian lunch.  $50.  Instructor: TBA

June 28 Sat.   SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Chuck Ramey  10:30am  Zendo


July 5 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Joseph Mumon  10:30am  Zendo

July 12 Sat.    MOMENT TO MOMENT ONE DAY SITTING 4:45am-5pm
An opportunity for beginners as well as experienced sitters to plunge into the heart of Zen practice.  8 periods of meditation, bowing, formal meals, chanting and work practice.  Includes Friday 6 pm dinner and overnight stay. 
Non-Members: $60 General M: $50   Practicing M: $40

July 14 Mon.    CLOSED           

July 19 Sat.    SATURDAY COMMUNITY STUDENT TALK Fern Alix-LaRocca  10:30am  Zendo

July 26 Sat.    SANGHA POTLUCK 10:30am-1:30pm   Members as well as the public are invited to come to the Zen Center for a day of sharing Dharma and food together as a Sangha.  Please bring your favorite dish to share.  There will be a short period of zazen followed by an opportunity for new members, and anyone wishing to renew their vows, to offer incense in the Zendo. 

July 28 - Aug. 23 SUMMER PRACTICE PERIOD   Summer Ango begins Mon., July 28 at 7:30 pm, and ends Saturday, Aug. 23 at 12 pm, followed by a Celebration Dinner at 6:30 pm.  This 27-day practice period includes six daily sittings, prostrations, oryoki meals, study, chanting, and work practice to enhance mindfulness.  Members and visitors are welcome to join us for zazen meditation anytime Monday through Sunday.  Please pick up the Ango schedule for the meditation period times.  This is a wonderful time for the entire Sangha to participate in this practice - whether in the Zendo, at work, or as a householder.  Direct your focus to extend your meditation into all your activities and be wholeheartedly present moment after moment.  Please come Monday, July 28 at 7:30 pm for the opening ceremony, as the Shuso (Head Student) – Erik Konpo Imhoff “Unwavering Dharma” presents the theme for Ango.
Non-Members: $60 per day/overnight  General M: $50   Practicing M: $40





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