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Beautiful original calligraphy by Jakusho Kwong-roshi
Cards (cream with black and red calligraphy). $3.00 each.

Pack of 7 Cards - 1 of each Design - $18.00

nbne_card everyencount_card breathsweeps_card
No Beginning No End Everything You Encounter is the Self Breath Sweeps Mind
emptysky_card group_cards justdoit_card
Empty Sky Makes Full Moon   Just Do It!
onlydont_card kanzeon_card
Only Don't Know Kanzeon Bosatsu

Calligraphy cards by Korean Zen Master Bumju, a long time friend of Kwong-roshi.
Cards (cream with black and red calligraphy). $3.00 each.

bumjubodhi_cad bumjuhotei_card bummjubodhi2_card
Bodhidharma Hotei Bodhi Head

Bodhidharma Painting(14" x 35") We are very pleased to be able to offer copies of outstanding original artwork by Korean Zen Master Bumju.

Black ink on white art bond paper ready to frame or scroll
Sale Price - $35.00!



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