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Beautiful original calligraphy by Jakusho Kwong-roshi
Cards (cream with black and red calligraphy). $2.50 each.

Pack of 7 Cards - 1 of each Design - $16.00

nbne_card everyencount_card breathsweeps_card
No Beginning No End Everything You Encounter is the Self Breath Sweeps Mind
emptysky_card group_cards justdoit_card
Empty Sky Makes Full Moon   Just Do It!
onlydont_card kanzeon_card
Only Don't Know Kanzeon Bosatsu

Calligraphy cards by Korean Zen Master Bumju, a long time friend of Kwong-roshi.
Cards (cream with black and red calligraphy). $2.50 each.

bumjubodhi_cad bumjuhotei_card bummjubodhi2_card
Bodhidharma Hotei Bodhi Head

Bodhidharma Painting(14" x 35") We are very pleased to be able to offer copies of outstanding original artwork by Korean Zen Master Bumju.

Black ink on white art bond paper ready to frame or scroll $50.00



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