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Meditation Cushions and Benches

Our customers tell us that our zafus and zabutons are the best they have ever used! The design is based on more than twenty years of experience in making meditation cushions. Each zafu contains at least three pounds of kapok. The trigger cloth cover is the most durable blend we could find.


Round sitting cushion. 14" diameter, 8" height. Black $50

cushionsZabuton Mat

Large square mat used under sitting cushion. Provides comfort and support for meditation. Black. $55

Support Cushion

Small square mat used under zafu for extra height. Black. $20

meditaion bench

Meditation Bench

7"x 19", 7.5" height
Bench without pad. $45
Bench with pad (black or burgundy) $55

chair cushion

Meditation Wedge (use with chair)

Helps correct posture for meditators using a chair. Black 16"wide x 14" deep. $45

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